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Development classes for parents and young children

“Train a child in the way he should go and  when he is old he will not depart.”

(proverbs 22:6)



  for a 6  week  workshop                                                          and have big FUN

Mumo's  music, movement program

     is not a music class where children learn to play instruments or a dance class where children learn to be great dancers but are developmental classes called "Workshops"  taught using music and movement. Each workshop last 6 weeks and is filled with music, movement, learning and fun. Mumo' s curriculum is built around the fundamental aspect of growth and learning in young children and is the building block of the program.

      Mumo's  curriculum is all inclusive and has purposely made sure all areas are adaptable to provide flexibility for each person’s developmental abilities, needs and interest.  The curriculum also considers the three domains of development focused on by early childhood professionals such as, physical, cognitive, and social emotional. In the realm of early childhood education it is believed by many professionals that the constructive facilitating of a child’s development in these three areas can enrich their overall development in many areas of their lives.

       Mumo's intention is not to teach children formal education but to give children and families the opportunities to strengthen and enhance their developmental skills of learning and growing together through music and movement.

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The relationship between music and language processing has been examined on a neurophysiological (or brain structure) level in several studies. 20 Various techniques reveal that both words and music tones cause similar activity in specific regions of the brain. It has been shown that the primary auditory regions and supplementary motor areas respond similarly to linguistic and musical sounds.Further, research suggests that correlations exist between music training and both reading acquisition and sequence learning.

One of the central predictors of early literacy, phonological awareness, is correlated with both music training and the development of a specific brain pathway. 


Babies need plenty of opportunities to exercise their bodies and their brains in order to move on to the next stage of development. They also need time on their tummy’s to practice important skills that will eventually lead to crawling and unaided walking. Baby's that are learning to sit up are learning essential balancing and stability skills. They also need to reach out for things which they can only do when given plenty of opportunities for movement.

Movements are crucial to over all health and development.

Sensory Activities:

Mumo workshops also provide sensory integration although many are familiar with the five senses such as sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. There are also other senses the workshop will make familiar like the sense of vestibular which has to do with balance and staying up right. The sense of proprioception which is knowing where all of your body parts are. That's why we can walk up and down stairs without having to look at our feet. This sense helps with clumsiness. Children who over react or even under react to certain feelings, textures or surfaces might may need help with sensory integration.. Mumo wants to help facilitate all of these senses which aids in developing the overall sense of belonging,


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Ages: 0-9 months


 “Discovering the World Around Us”



All things are new       


Seeing the world from a newborn's perspective.

This is a special and delicate time; for a new individual has entered the family.



"Explore the world around us"

Focus:                                                 Children;                                                                 exploring their world                         Adults;                                                                    experience and facilitate toddler's exploration                           

This is a wonderful and exciting time, for now toddlers can scoot, crawl, walk  and wants to explore everything                


 Ages 18-36 years

 "Adventure is all around us" 

Children;                                                                   learning is an adventure       Adults;                                                                     Teaching is an adventure

This is a fun and adventurous time, for young children now have learned so much and everything is a new adventure.


Ages 3-5 years

    "Coming Soon"

This is an active  and corious time
for young children now have many questions about life.
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